Tucson Estates I

While the legal proceedings were dragging through the courts, Tucson Estates Incorporated sold the common areas excluding the golf course to Tucson Estates One, Inc. (TE 1) in 1986. The new owners were to pay a fee for Tucson Estate residents to play golf. They did not pay and the golf course gate was padlocked resulting in a great deal of acrimony on both sides.

In December, 1987 a Superior Court jury awarded TE homeowners a $4.8 million settlement that was later appealed and thrown out of court. Just prior to the trial, Tucson Estates Inc. filed bankruptcy as did Tucson Estates One, Inc.

Finally, Judge Bilby of the US Federal Court took control and in November 1990 awarded the common areas including the golf course to the property owners of Tucson Estates with assets valued at more than $4,000,000. For this property Tucson Estates would assume a $2.6 million loan to Pima Saving to be paid off in 6 ½ years. In addition, fees were awarded to the attorney’s representing Tucson Estate homeowners in the amount $450,000.00 for over ten years of legal work.

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