The 1960's Master Plan

Tucson Estates was marketed as a place to live, vacation, invest, and retire. The mobile home park is uniquely American and was a new kind of subdivision in 1960. The original 1960’s Master Plan of Tucson Estates included:

  • Six “Units” divided into 1684 lots for mobile homes which included both adult and family living.
  • A long list of amenities that were to be located in an 8-acre circle, such as:
    • An Imperial sized swimming pool,
    • Heated therapy pool,
    • Shuffleboard courts,
    • A master TV system, and
    • Year round nightly security patrol.
  • A commercial section along Kinney Road which would provide for such services as a grocery store and bank.
  • The 18-hole golf course with free play included as an inducement to buy.
  • A future RV park, and
  • The Foothills development for home sites (now known as TE II).

With this master plan, the community of Tucson Estates was established on August 12, 1960 and marketed as an upscale Golf Club property sitting on the edge of what was then called the Tucson Mountain Wilderness Area. It was advertised for those on a modest budget.

The community had covenants that governed the minimum length and width of the mobile home, any exterior additions to the mobile homes or the lot, and maintenance requirements. These covenants also included zoning of residential uses with pet owners and families with children each having their own sections of the park.

  • Unit1 with 192 lots was recorded in 1960,
  • Unit 2 was opened in 1961 with 210 lots, and

  • Unit 3 with 356 lots was opened in 1962.
    (These adult units 1, 2, and 3 were east of the present day Western Way circle bordered by Lazy Heart, Rocking Circle and Sarasota. The original three units had age restrictions regarding children.)
  • Unit 4 was also recorded at this time and designated for commercial development.
  • “Family Units” 5 and 6 were deeded in 1969 and 1970 and completed the park as we know it today.

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