TEPOA is formed

Immediately after the judgement in early 1991, under the name of Tucson Estates Property Owners Association (TEPOA) Articles of Incorporation were filed as a non-profit corporation.

The CC&R’s (Deed Restrictions) were changed to reflect the new property ownership; the existence of the “55 and over” concept; and to make the CC&R’s and fee structure uniform for the entire park. During this time the idea of making the park a “55 and over” restricted community gained popularity, but was by no means agreeable to all residents.

All of the above including the controversial “55 and over” rule were approved in an election by more than 50% of the property owners in each of the five Units. After the election, there was no longer any “Units” just TEPOA a non-profit corporation. TEPOA was now an adult retirement community qualified under the Fair Housing Amendment of 1988 for persons 55 and over.

After the election, there were several complaints filed with HUD and the Civil Rights Section of the Arizona Attorney General’s office that the 55 and over requirement was discriminating against children. Residents who were living in Tucson Estates prior to the filing were not affected by 55 and over rule and for several years the school bus would pick up children throughout the park. Legal issues continued with TE Inc. requiring additional lawyer expenses.

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