Resident Council

To help balance the 1966 budget, residents were encouraged to fund their own club activities and urged to form their own committees to organize and pursue areas of interest. In short, there were no more company subsidies. This laid the foundation for the current Tucson Estates form of community governance with a Board of Directors and a standing committee format.

By 1978 there were approximately 400 homes and all 1680 lots were sold in all five Units. By this time the resident Council had been replaced by a Homeowners Association. A monthly newspaper was created called “Grains of Sand” and published activities, events, and comments. Weekly dances were held, shuffleboard competitions with other parks were planned, a men’s golf club was active and popular weekly golf scrambles were organized.

A voluntary fire company was in operation in the same location on Kinney as it is today.

Property values were rising with lots going for almost $6,000.

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