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Posted 7/21/21
Looking for auto upholsterer.  Contact John (520) 883-2293
Jack Russell Pup Needs Forever Home
Posted 5/20/21
In need of a forever home for spayed/female Jack Russell pup. Her name is Bailey, she is approx. 10 years old, 11 pounds of sweet and loveable. Bailey needs a home where there are no other animals however, she is very friendly and accepting of all humans. She loves rides in the car, does fairly well on leash walks and loves her "lap" time in the evenings. She understands and obeys multiple simple commands and loves to play keep away and fetch. She will come with a nice, although small, folding kennel/crate 30”x20"x 22", several weeks supply of food, leash, and her special toys. She does have seasonal allergy (April/June) but soothing baths with "dermabliss" or other anti-itch shampoo help a lot! Her owner passed away last week, and I can no longer care for her in her home after this weekend (5/22-5/23). We are asking a nominal re-homing fee of $60. Serious interest only, Thank you 520-883-2155.

Wanted: Golf Cart to Rent
Posted 4/29/21
Looking to to rent a golf cart for the month of May 2021 to be used while staying at Tucson Estates. Property Owner. Electric or gas. Contact Gordy at 218-689-4301

Dog Trainer / Walker Needed
Posted 3/24/21
I am looking for a dog trainer / walker , for my dog Tank and I! I am in dire need for someone that is reasonable and I prefer they could come to our house but if not I could possibly go where needed! My dog needs basic obedience training and I am having issues with him urinating in the house while we are home! We have a doggy door and ECT!! I never had any issues with him two years ago, this has all started since we moved here and has gotten worse! I know 80% is me and I am just not sure if I can keep him if I don’t get these issues resolved, and it breaks my heart so hoping someone knows of a good trainer! Thank You for your time!

Bob's MegaTech
Posted 3/19/21
Bob's MegaTech has become an authorized Midland GMRS 2 way radio dealer.
Come by for a demo. Talk to your neighbors on GMRS 2 way radios with 40 watts of power, 60 mile range, or just within the community for around $100 using 5 watt systems.
The new replacement for CB radios when you travel. 2 doors to the left of Bank of the West, same location on Western Way at Kinney Rd. for 15 years.
3049 S. Kinney Rd, ..... Call for an appointment (520) 429-7291
Linux Computers also.