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Posted 09/22/22
Hi all - we are looking for someone able to drop in care for our cat during the last week of October. This would involve daily visits to feed, water, clean box and apply some medication. Please let me know if you are interested and we can discuss further.

Thank you all!

Dan Streck (210)838-4645,

Posted 09/22/22
Hi all - we're looking for someone with a trailer able to make a run to dump for us.  Please drop us a line and let us know if you're interested and we can discuss fees, etc.


Dan Streck (210)838-4645,

Health & Wellness
Posted 06/01/22
Would you like to feel better tomorrow than you do today? Try an 8-minute Therapy with 20-y/o European Vascular Therapy Device to 'awaken your doctor within'. Multiple International Patents. Now FDA cleared.

Call Grace (954) 826-5286

For Sale
Posted 05/19/22
Used window sun screens in good condition.  Different sizes.  Measure your windows or take screens to see if they fit your windows.  Cost is $10.00 each.  I had our home stuccoed and now our sun screens will not fit our windows.  We live in TE.  

Call Paul (928) 580-0527 and leave a message

Posted 02/23/22
NEWBIE IN LOVE! Widowed woman seeking rental for self 3-4 months between January 1 & April 30, 2023.  I am from Wisconsin and this is my first season here.  I am in love with the TE community.  I have a small dog who DOES NOT HAVE "ACCIDENTS", who IS ALWAYS IN MY LINE OF SIGHT, and who is CRATED when I am away.  I am willing to pay double the security/damage deposit as a guarantee.  I would be grateful if you would consider me.  Thank you.

Kim Materna (262) 391-7795

Posted 10/11/21
Want to trade king set for queen set. King is nice and clean, no stains and very low "miles". We simply want more space in the bedroom. Also have bedding for king. Or,, We'd be interested in buying and or selling if there are no traders out there. Will be in TE the week of Nov. 14th.

Joel Dop, (515) 333-8206,