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Posted 11/14/23
Need Pet Sitter for one maybe 2 days.  Don't need to stay, just let dog out 4 - 5 times between 7:00 AM and 9:00 PM.  Feed and water.  I have surgery this Thursday, Nov. 16th and at least overnight stay.  I have also posted in NextDoor.

Kathi Grimes, (208) 484-7619,

Posted 11/11/23 
Washer and dryer.  Admiral brand from Home Depot but made by Whirlpool/Maytag.  Dryer is electric.  These are about 10 years old but in quite nice shape and worked well when I moved them here in March.  Must take both and move them yourself.

Michael Stuckey, (425) 802-0007,

House Cleaning
Posted 11/03/23
My name is Irene and I worked in a home care facility in Los Angeles for 6 years.  I have many references available.

You can not find a better house cleaner.  I will clean your house and it will be absolutely spotless!  I also do in-home manicures and pedicures.

Irene (818) 272-9221

Posted 10/12/23
I'm a snowbird looking for a used car, preferably a SUV, to leave in TE.  Mid-size or smaller and in good condition.  Not diesel.

Lawrence Doth, (763) 226-8417,
For Sale
Posted 09/27/23
Window A/C.  12k BTU.  Like new, only used it for 3 months last year.  Wi-Fi enabled.  Paid $350.00, will let go for $250.00 OBO. dimensions - height 14.75" width 19"

Robert Rosen, (520) 909-0712