City of Tucson

Arizona became a state on February 14, 1912, and is the youngest of the 48 contiguous states. For an authentic Southwestern experience, visit Arizona’s second largest city, Tucson. Founded August 20th, 1775, it is considered one of the oldest towns in the United States with a rich cultural heritage blend of Native American, Spanish, Mexican and Anglo-American.

Home to the University of Arizona and Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, the metropolitan area supports over 750,000 residents and continues to grow by nearly 2,000 new residents each month.

Surrounded by five mountain ranges, Tucson is situated in the Southern Arizona Sonoran Desert famous for its dramatic beauty and recreational activities including cycling and golf. Blessed with an unsurpassed climate of 360 sunny days a year, a trip from the 2,389-foot valley floor to the 9,157-foot Mt. Lemmon summit (home to the southernmost ski area in the continental United States) traverses seven of the world's nine ecological zones.

Spectacular year-round sunsets and indescribable lightning shows during the summer monsoon season have enticed visitors for decades and are almost always Instagram-worthy.