Before there was Tucson Estates

Going back a long way, what is now Tucson Estates property lay along a trail taking cattle, supplies, and people west to the 1848 gold rush to California.

Although the past history is rather murky, it would appear the tract of 800 acres that became Tucson Estates was part of a large southwest cattle ranch for many years prior to development. By the end of World War II, the Gulf Land Corporation owned the property looking toward developing home sites. In 1960, the 800 acres was sold to Mobile Life Corporation, a wholly owned subsidiary of D.M.H. Corporation, a leader in the manufacture of mobile homes.

House trailers proved to be a good option as long term residences placing emphasis on designs that made the trailer more like a home. When Mobile Life purchased the land to develop Tucson Estates, it was one of four of the largest master-planned mobile home communities in the US. The other three parks were in California and Florida.

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