Much of the information contained in the early history of Tucson Estates was compiled by Mr. James V. (Bearclaw) Meisel in a self-published book dated September 1992. He was a resident of Tucson Estates for many years having purchased a home in 1973. Mr. Meisel had a strong sense of community and felt “History has a way of disappearing if someone doesn’t leave a record of the past.” He attempted to faithfully keep a record of the many documents, letters, homeowner’s newsletters, court papers and communications to tell later generations how and why Tucson Estates came to be organized and operated as it is today.

On a personal note, Mr. Meisel operated a jewelry store near Yellowstone National Park for many years and specialized in bear claw jewelry hence the nickname “Bearclaw.”

Special acknowledgement goes to Linda Sondalle, the 2016 Co-chair of the Communication Committee, who sifted through all of Mr. Meisel's documents to create a concise "history of our past" for future generations to view through the Tucson Estates website.

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